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Pics of Roses Tattoos Designs


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Body Tattoo Tribal Tattoo Pictures

Thumbnail Tribal tattoo pictures and body tattoos, ancient tribal tattoo pictures and celebrity tribal tattoos.

Flower Tattoos Designs


Visit for more tattoos, designs, pictures, ideas and information about all kinds of tattoos!

Tattoo Designs: Create Your Own Tattoo Design


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Tattoo Artist – Paul Holland


A documentary about Tattooing in general. Focusing on Paul Holland in Savannah, GA.

The Art of Tattooing (Fringe Lane episode 6)


Tattoos aren't just for scary looking bikers. As Adriana finds out in this story, the number of women becoming tattoo artists is rising. She spoke to Kate at Chapel Tattoo

Midget Loco In Marked *Chicano Tattoo Art Documentary*


Heres Some Clips From A New Show Called "Marked." These Clips Are Taken From The Episode "Barrio Of Blood." This Features Midget Loco Of Steel Banging Musik. This Show Depicts The Chicano Tattoo Art Colture.

Tattoos: Pop Portraits, Japanese Traditional, American Eclectic | Off Book | PBS


It seems that no matter how far we advance into the digital age, our bodies remain a place where we want to express ourselves. In this episode, we talk to three tattoo artists of differing styles. Vinny Romanelli embraces pop

Beautiful Tattoo Art is AMAZING


Need ideas for tattoos? Check this video out

Koi Fish Half sleeve Tattoo completed in one session by Kian Forreal


Traditional Japanese Koi tattoo started and completed in one session by Tattoo Artist Kian Forreal of Inner Vision Tattoo, Sydney Australia 2009

Worst Tattoo Customer Ever!


Does it really need one? Her first tat I assume....

Rob Dyrdek Monster Tattoo


I had a full back piece Monster Tattoo done yesterday by my good friend Jun Cha. Monster has supported not only me but my companies as well along the way

Kat Von D Talks Tattoos


The famous tattoo artist discusses her favorite tattoos, inking Lady Gaga, as well as how she became a world record holder.

Awesome and Funny Tattoos


I don't have any tats but i think these are great

First Ever Animated Tattoo – By KARL


Gain access to more creative minds at On June the 16th 2011 Paris based tattoo artist KARL realised the first ever animated tattoo. Streamed live on Facebook, users accessed his mind through the Human API, shared his thoughts and

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